Noah’s Ark – The Children’s Center of Beth Israel

Contact: Moriha Aronowitz, 860-232-5038,

Noah’s Ark has provided early childhood programs for West Hartford area families for over 25 years.  Noah’s Ark began at Congregation Beth Israel as a child care program for a small group of children. Today, we serve over 50 children ages 6 weeks to six years.  Our school includes families from West Hartford and surrounding towns. Both Jewish and non-Jewish families are part of our program.

Noah’s Ark offers families the opportunity to choose a early childhood program that is safe and nurturing, and that provides high quality early education in an inclusive setting.



Our educational philosophy is based on our belief that children learn best in the context of warm, supportive relationships, which are at the heart of our educational community. Strong connections between school and families are essential for children’s learning and development. Children learn actively through play, social interaction, and experimentation.



Program goals and curriculum promote the emotional, social, cognitive, and physical development of each child, taking into consideration each child’s unique interests, abilities, beliefs and learning styles. The curriculum is based on the Connecticut Preschool Curriculum Framework as well as Jewish values, culture, and traditions. Teachers develop curriculum that is responsive to children’s interests and needs, and includes:

  • A balance of active and quiet experiences
  • A balance of child-initiated and teacher-directed activities
  • A variety of activities that motivate children to explore and learn through their play
  • An environment that fosters children’s appreciation and respect for cultural and individual diversity, and a sense of community


Classroom Activities

Upon entering Noah’s Ark’s preschool classrooms, you will notice children exploring different learning activities and interest centers. You will see materials with which to create and hear teachers listening attentively to what children have to say.  You will observe things to discover, discuss, compare, match, invent, fit into, experiment with, try out, and enjoy.  A typical day for each child includes times which are busy, creative, quiet, messy, social, noisy, and playful. The open-ended activities at Noah’s Ark allow children to express feelings, make choices, and develop intellectual and creative abilities within the limits of consideration for other people and their environment.


Parent Involvement

Parent involvement is an important aspect of our program.  Parents play a vital role in the children’s learning environment and participate in many different ways. Parents’ tangible contributions of time and resources are important, but even more valuable are the ideas, creativity, and skills that parents can share.

We support and strengthen families through daily feedback, parent-teacher conferences,  and social events, and referral to services when needed and desired. The ongoing exchange of information and support between parents and staff is an essential part of Noah’s Ark experience.

Noah’s Ark now offers a FUN summer program for 3-5 year olds!

Noah’s Ark offers the following hours:
Mornings: 9am—1pm
Full day: 7:30 am—5:30 pm
Three, four, and five-day schedules are available.Application
Come see us at:
Congregation Beth Israel
701 Farmington Avenue
West Hartford, CT 06119
Or call: 860-232-5038

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